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Toughened & Polished Glass Shelving 6mm - 12mm

Toughened & Polished Glass Shelving 6mm - 12mm

Any orders placed after the 4th July will be subject an additional 10-14 day turn around, due to factory closure for annual holidays.

Quantities - To order more than one item, please adjust the Quantity amount on the Cart page.

Lead time 10 - 14 working days ex delivery.

Ideal for locker & table tops, glass shelving, cabinet doors, single glazed shed windows, tractor doors, and display cases.

Polished edges as standard.

6mm Toughened - Maximum glass size for this product as a guide is 2700mm length x 1500mm width / 2m sq overall

8mm, 10mm, 12mm Toughened - Maximum glass size for this product as a guide is 3000mm length x 1500mm width / 3m sq. overall 

Clear Glass This glass is clear float glass which has a naturally occurring green tint due to the iron content, that is generally only perceived when the edge of the glass is viewed.

Opti-White Low Iron Glass
Low-iron glass has a lower iron content, which removes the greenish tint associated with standard float glass and increases light transmission while neutralizing the green colour of standard glass. The glass can be used almost anywhere regular float glass is used, particularly in applications requiring increased visible light, reduced solar transmission, and a crystal-clear appearance.

Low-iron glass is ideal when the colour of the glass needs to disappear in order to accentuate an application or decorative treatment. Often used in displays, interior doors and partitions, railings, floors, stairs, surfaces, shower enclosures table tops, and other surfaces. Tight tolerances provide minimal edge colour variation across various cut sizes and glass thicknesses. Guardian UltraClear® low-iron glass offers outstanding clarity and an ice-blue edge

Additional charges for drilling and notching, please email sketch or call 044-9343455 for prices.

If you require off-standard sizes please contact the office at 044-9343455 or email

Minimum charge €25.

Prices include VAT @23%.

**NB** Lakeland Interiors Ltd (parent company of accepts no liability for incorrect product selection, application, or usage. Items are bespoke and made to the client's specifications. Items cannot be refunded or returned.

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