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Antique Mirror T1 with polished edges

Antique Mirror T1 with polished edges

Quantities - To order more than one item, on the Cart page, please adjust the Quantity amount.

Leadtime 15 - 20 working days excluding delivery

The maximum size for this product as a guide is 2400mm length x 1200mm width / 2m sq overall

Polished edges as standard.

Ideal for bathrooms, hallways, and display cases among many other uses.

Available with and without safety backing.

Safety backing is an adhesive film applied to the reverse side of the mirror to minimize the risk of injury in the event of breakage. If the mirror were to break, the majority of pieces should stay together, rather than falling down in dangerous sections. Note – safety-backed mirrors should be fitted using clips, screws, or held in place with slips, gaskets or trim. It is not recommended to stick a safety-backed mirror with adhesive as most adhesives on the market will not adhere to the safety backing correctly. See our accessory section for suitable clips and trims. Contact us with details of your project if you need further advice.

**NB** There are many different versions of antique mirrors on the market. Please satisfy yourself with the colour of our product. Small samples can be posted out to you at a cost of €15 excluding delivery if you require.  

Additional charges for shaping, drilling, and notching, please email sketch or call 044-9343455 for prices.

Minimum charge €30.  Prices include VAT @23%.

If you require off-standard sizes please contact the office at 044-9343455 or email

**NB** Lakeland Interiors Ltd (parent company of accepts no liability for incorrect product selection, application, or usage. Items are bespoke and made to the client's specifications. Items cannot be refunded or returned.

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