10mm Satin Toughened & Polished Glass

Maximum glass size for this product as a guide is 3000mm length x 1500mm width / 3m sq overall 

If you require off standard sizes please contact the office on 044-9343455 or email

Leadtime 7-10 working days excluding delivery

Ideal for table tops , shelving and display cases.

Polished edges as standard.

This glass is clear float glass which has a naturally occurring green tint due the iron content , that is generally only perceived when the edge of the glass is viewed. There is a low iron option called Opti-white available should you require clearer glass.

Satin glass allows the passage of light, but obscures vision. Satin glass is smooth to touch on one side, and the reverse side is slightly textured as part of the manufacturing process as standard. Ideal for internal doors, meeting room windows, privacy panels.

Additional charges for shaping, drilling and notching , please email sketch or call 044-9343455 for prices.

Minimum charge €30.

Prices include VAT @23%.

Lakeland Interiors accept no liability for correct product selection, application or usage.

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